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  1. Steph’s Top 5 books!

    I’m Steph, I live in High Wycombe with my husband and our 10- and 11-year-old daughters. I’m an NCT antenatal teacher and breastfeeding counsellor and I teach hypnobirthing and run baby massage classes.

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  2. The early signs of labour

    You might already know about active labour but what happens before that? Here we explain the early signs of labour and when to call your midwife…

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  3. Pregnant in the pandemic: Hannah’s story

    Here Hannah talks about pregnancy second-time round and how coronavirus changed things plus her tips and advice for other mums-to-be

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  4. How do I know I’m going into labour?

    What are the early signs of labour, and how can you tell when it's started? Find out what to look out for and what you might expect when the time comes.

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  5. How do I support my partner during labour?

    Watch our video for tips on the best ways to help your partner when she's in labour

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  6. 10 things you need to know about giving birth

    You know your baby has to come out out after nine months but how and when? Read our list to help you feel as confident and calm as you can be about having a baby

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  7. What’s it like being a birth partner?

    There is so much focus on what the mum is going through during labour – and with good reason – that the role the birth partner plays can go ignored. What is it really like for dads, close family members or friends to be present at the birth?

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  8. Healing your pelvic floor and core after pregnancy

    Wendy Powell, internationally recognised as a leading postnatal fitness trainer, answers some common questions from new mums and introduces her medically endorsed online restorative exercise programme, MUTU System.

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  9. Your birth, your way

    Many women have an idea about how they’d like their birth to go but it's also helpful to prepare for the unexpected. Here are some suggestions about what to consider before your due date

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