Coronavirus and Mother’s Day: how to celebrate in this strange year

Whether it’s your first Mother’s Day as a mum or you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s lovely to mark it even in the midst of a pandemic. Here’s how to do Mother’s Day when the rules have changed…

For new mums, Mother’s Day is a lovely moment to step back from the day-to-day nappies and milk and celebrate. But it feels this year as though coronavirus has taken some of that from us.

Let’s not be too sad though. Because there are always ways to make sure you end the day feeling pampered, spoilt and loved. Even if you are self-isolating, social distancing, stuck abroad or keeping away from your own mum because of age or risk factors.

Here are some ways to celebrate when your original plans have had to shift.

Before you would have: Booked a pub lunch. Definitely ordered the chocolate brownie for dessert. Gone on a long walk to burn it off afterwards.

Now you will: Eat a home-cooked roast/ takeaway curry/ cheese on toast (delete as applicable depending how lucky you’ve been with those food delivery slots). Still do the long walk afterwards (if you’re self-isolating, keep your distance from other people). Because we all need to keep healthy and active, even in (or especially in) the midst of coronavirus and fresh air certainly isn’t banned.

Before you would have: Booked a spa day, courtesy of your toddler and their adult representative, AKA the partner you sent the link to of the exact spa day you wanted to go on.

Now you will: Get in the bath for longer than you have at any time since you gave birth. Lock the door. Light your fanciest candle. Pour a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Take in your favourite Marian Keyes. Come out five hours later, wrinkly of skin but zen of mind. And it didn’t even cost £45 on GroupOn!

Before you would have: Hugged your mum and sister as you wished them Happy Mother’s Day.

Now you will: Facetime them, tell them you love them and that they are great mums. Then make a date for when this is all over to spend quality time together, whether over a long lunch or a night away at a fancy hotel. It will happen. Focus on that when you are struggling with the realities of coronavirus and missing those you love.

Before you would have: Enjoyed the day and felt happy and relaxed.

Now you will: Be a little anxious about what’s ahead, and perhaps sad that you can’t see your own mum. That’s understandable. Make sure you factor in some measures to help your own mental health this Mother’s Day, whether you do some yoga via YouTube, download the Headspace app or try some essential oils that will help you to chill out. Lavender on the pillow is a classic but a goodie.

Before you would have: Had a hectic day of plans and activities booked in.

Now you will: Step back a bit. As with everything since Covid-19 hit, it’s another moment to take stock. Your children are here, you are here, so just enjoy the day together, even if all it involves is watching Paw Patrol and drinking a cup of tea when it’s still hot ‘because it’s Mother’s Day, everyone!’

There will be other Mothers Days, and they will feature spas and cuddles and pub lunches.

And remember, one day this will all be a long story for the grandkids, possibly over that pub lunch…