Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

February is LGBT+ History Month 2021, a chance to raise awareness and advance education on matters affecting the LGBT+ community.

Where it began

In 2003, Section 28, a law prohibiting councils and schools promoting or normalising homosexuality, was abolished. In its wake, LGBT+ History Month began in February 2005, and its purpose is to educate people about LGBT+ history and culture, as well as the importance of inclusion and diversity.

This education is as important as ever, and in September 2020 new regulations were put in place in schools meaning that secondary school pupils are taught about sexual orientation, and primary school children learn about how families can be diverse and different.

How you can get involved

This year’s theme is Body, Mind, Spirit

The theme this year is “Body, Mind, Spirit.” There are fantastic online events running across the country during the month, from quiz nights to postnatal education classes for LGBT+ parents, and a talk about the best LGBT+ interest books aimed at children and young people. See the full calendar of events here.

If you’re in a same-sex couple and would like to share your experiences, email nctmatterseditor@nct.org.uk.

More info and support

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