Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week 2020!

Finding breastfeeding support during lockdown has been challenging for many women. Find out all the ways we can support you and how we celebrated World Breastfeeding Week!

At the beginning of August, it was World Breastfeeding Week. The theme this year was breastfeeding support during COVID19. Over the week, we shared different experiences of breastfeeding in lockdown and ways to find support.

Invaluable support of our breastfeeding counsellors

Please do support our appeal so our breastfeeding counsellors can continue to support parents through our Infant Feeding line.

Our infant feeding support line (0300 300 0700) has always been a lifeline for new parents. Over the last few months during lockdown, it’s become even more important to parents feeling anxious and isolated.

From practical questions about feeding to worries and concerns, our breastfeeding counsellors on the support line provide reliable information and perhaps, most importantly, a listening ear.

Shout out to our peer supporters!

There was lots happening across the country to mark all the amazing work our breastfeeding peer supporters do as well.

This is the Scottish Big Latch On where 20 mums attend with 16 babies/children latched on at 10.30am. It even included a breastfeeding quiz!

There was an event for peer supporters where Juliet Mountford, our Executive Director of Parent Services, thanked peer supporters for all their work this year, especially during lockdown.

The group played breastfeeding bingo and did a task of ‘find something in your home that looks like a boob’!

Support how and when you need it

Plus, as part of World Breastfeeding Week, along with the Scottish Government and other voluntary sector partners, we asked peer supporters who speak another language, to write in their own language their reasons for breastfeeding.

Read more about how we’ve been providing our breastfeeding peer support in other languages.

We know that breastfeeding isn’t always straightforward, but there is lots of information and help to support you – wherever you are in your feeding journey. Find out about all the support we can provide.