From Mum to NCT Team Leader

Charlotte from our Peterborough branch started going to NCT Bump and Baby groups after the birth of her baby. She tells us how she decided to become a volunteer herself, then a peer supporter and a team leader!

Going along to groups

“I had always wanted children and was fortunate enough to be able to give up work to look after my daughter full time. It was an amazing but hard experience and I did struggle at times.

“I attended some NCT Baby Cafes and eventually found the NCT Bumps and Babies group in my area. This changed everything. The support volunteers were amazing and truly cared about me, not just my baby and I made lifelong mummy friends there too.

Becoming a volunteer

“After having my second daughter I decided to volunteer for my local NCT branch. This coincided with the start of lockdown, so my volunteering took the form of generating social media engagement.

I enjoyed the structure I had created for myself in doing this

“I enjoyed the structure I had created for myself in doing this and when the opportunity arose to do the Peer Supporter training, I took it. I have breastfed both my girls and felt that I would be able to offer some support to other breastfeeding mums who might need it.

“I completed my training in July last year and began Peer Supporting straight away.  I find great enjoyment from being able to help others and so when the Team Leader post was advertised, I jumped on it.

“I love the NCT and everything it stands for and being an employee of such a wonderful charity is a dream come true!”

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