Help us support more midwives

Find out how you can help us support more midwives by casting an important vote at this year’s AGM

We are extremely proud of the work our Midwives Information & Resource Service (MIDIRS) team do to provide midwives and health professionals, including NCT staff and practitioners, with relevant and up-to-date pregnancy and birth-related information. This is through a quarterly journal, newsletter, social media and reference database.

Since merging with NCT in 2013, our small Bristol-based team have improved the quality and relevance of the service. The MIDIRS journal currently reaches around 2,000 subscribers, but with support from the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) it could reach more than 46,000 midwives.

Vote for the transfer

The RCM has shown great confidence in MIDIRS and are committed to making it a part of their broader portfolio so that thousands more can benefit.

So at this year’s AGM we’ll be asking members to vote on this transfer. More information about this will be shared as part of the official notice in September.

If a transfer to RCM does take place, NCT staff and practitioners will still continue to have access to all MIDIRS services. The full MIDIRS team will also continue to work from NCT’s Bristol office so there will be no break in service for subscribers.

The transfer of MIDIRS to RCM will help us forge stronger links and support more health professionals to provide high-quality care to women and families both in the UK and globally. To make this happen, we need your support and vote.

Please support the transfer by coming to our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 13 October 2018 at Central Hall Westminster, starting at 9.30am. Find out more and book a place here.