NCT breastfeeding peer support training goes online

Read about how our breastfeeding peer support training is now online and the benefits of this new change.

We’ve so excited that our training for breastfeeding peer support has moved online! This gives us a unique opportunity to train NCT breastfeeding peer supporters (BFPS) across our contracts so that women from Scotland, Southampton, Bradford and Peterborough can all join together to train as BFPS.

Train with us

Find out more about training as an NCT breastfeeding peer supporter here.

“I have just finished my first ever UK wide online breastfeeding peer support training. I am buzzing! The mums who didn’t have childcare could join in (I saw cute babies and pets!), the diversity of backgrounds and experiences was amazing and they are already talking about setting up a regular zoom coffee catch up with each other,” says Isabelle Karimov, one of our breastfeeding peer support trainers.

One mum on Isabelle’s course said: “Thank you SO much for the last five weeks. It’s truly been amazing and I’m definitely feeling a little emotional that it is already over.”