Will you support our Walk & Talk appeal?

Our Walk & Talks have been essential for many parents over the last year, providing a much-needed opportunity to get out of the house and talk to other parents. Can you help them continue?

We need your help

Over the past 60 years our mission has remained the same, and that is to support all parents to have the best possible experience of birth and early parenthood, but to do this we need your help.

While over 18,000 people have been able to join our Walk & Talk support groups, we know we can do more to support parents like you.

Now, more than ever, we need your help to reach those parents who are experiencing loneliness and isolation.

One parent said: “NCT Walk and Talk has given me a reason to get up and ready on those difficult days. Even if we don’t always make it on time, at least we’re up and dressed. It’s had such a huge impact on my wellbeing as a new mum during lockdown.”

You can help by donating online here.

Your donation will help provide essential kit for a Walk & Talk volunteer, and reduce parent isolation by helping to start a new parent support group. It could also help build a support network for local parents all over the UK. Thank you in advance for your support.

More information

Could you help lead a Walk? We’re looking for volunteers to help organise local Walk & Talk events. Join NCT as a Walk & Talk volunteer.

Take a look at our amazing interactive map to see where Walk & Talks have been taking place across the four nations.