Pregnant this Christmas? Top tips to avoid the chaos

However big your bump is, it’s a great excuse for others to do the racing around. Here are five top tips for acing Christmas without the festive frazzles…

We know how important it is to keep stress levels low when you’re celebrating Christmas with a bump.

But especially if you couldn’t see loved ones during the festive season last year, you might feel torn between making the most of meeting up and feeling like you just want to hide under the duvet until Boxing Day. Our guide might help…

#1. Sofa shop

Grab your phone, a comfy spot and get Christmas cracking. You can avoid the high street stampede in the comfort of your own home. We’re spoilt for choice with online, next-day delivery and click-and-collect services. Best of all, get someone else to do the collecting if you can.

Did you know when you shop through Amazon Smile and select NCT as your chosen charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of what you spend to support new parents and our work? It’s a win-win all round!

#2. Don’t go wild

This is probably the year to opt out of homemade mince pies, crackers and iced biscuits – unless that’s the relaxing bit for you. Supermarkets have amazing food on offer these days so you’ll be forgiven for not going the whole (homemade) hog.

#3. Streamline

It might be time to reconsider the strive for perfection

So, we know you usually buy Christmas pudding from one shop because it’s had the best write up. Your turkey from the butchers down the road just because you always have. And hand pick every brussel sprout for optimum freshness and perfect shape.

But…it might be time to reconsider. Maybe for this year at least try sticking to one food shop only (see list-making in point #5).

#4. Embrace your special status

Take up every offer of help. We know pregnancy is not an illness and you are more than capable of getting stuff done. But look after yourself too. Let people carry your shopping bags, cook Christmas dinner, rub your chilly feet and run you warm baths.

#5. Be organised

Last minute panics are probably the last thing you need right now. Your blood pressure and sanity will benefit from a little forward planning. Try to think about any decorating, shopping and guest-staying prep well ahead of time.

Ideally, be the mastermind but get others to do the do. Wrap pressies as you purchase. Write lots of lists. And sit there merrily while everyone else joins the Christmas eve race.

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