Baby Loss Awareness Week 2019: a chance to remember

October marks Baby Loss Awareness Week – a chance for bereaved parents to come together and share their experiences.

Baby loss is experienced by thousands of parents in the UK every year

This year, as it does annually, October 9-15 marks Baby Loss Awareness Week. It’s a chance for parents who have lost babies in pregnancy, at or after birth and during infancy to remember them.

The aim of the week is to help those who are suffering by talking about pregnancy and baby loss.

Events were held across the country for bereaved parents to gather together in memory of their babies who were no longer with them.

Uniting in bereavement

The Baby Loss Week Awareness website explains that parents who have lost a baby can share feelings of grief, isolation, anger, guilt, depar, and the loss of hopes and dreams. By coming together during the week to remember their babies, the organisers of the week hope to ease these feelings and acknowledge the short lives of the children who have died.

The week is also an opportunity to raise awareness about pregnancy and baby loss, and the need for better care and support for bereaved parents.

Further information

Find out more here about the week, or to get in touch with the event organisers.

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