Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021: joining in remembrance

Last week, parents across the globe joined together to remember little lives that ended too soon during the annual Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Wave of Light

Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place in October every year, to provide support and community to bereaved parents worldwide.

As part of the week, Sands Charity ran a series of live group panel discussions for parents to listen to. These included those on looking after those who provide care and support, and those on the frontline, as well as looking after each other as a community.

On Friday 15 October, the week drew to a close with a global Wave of Light, where parents across the world were invited to light a candle to remember the babies that had been lost too soon. Pictures were posted on social media with the hashtag #WaveOfLight as a show of support.

'Still Parents: Life After Baby Loss'

In September this year, the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester opened an exhibition called ‘Still Parents: Life after Baby Loss.’

The exhibition aims to create a platform to share personal stories, start conversations and break the wall of silence around baby loss.

The gallery is close to Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre and Manchester’s largest maternity centre, meaning it is in the ideal postition to reach out to those experiencing baby loss.

The exhibition will run until 4 September next year, and you can find out more about it here.

More information

Can you help by completing this survey of expectant and new parents?

Kit Tarka Foundation is a charity set up by bereaved parents who are working to try and stop other families from experiencing the terrible loss of a baby. They are undertaking a survey of expectant and new parents to gather knowledge about hygiene practices and knowledge about infections in babies.

The results of the survey will be used to support their work saving babies’ lives. Please follow this link if you’d like to take part in the survey.

Sources of support

If you have been affected by baby loss, you may find support from charities including Sands, Tommys and the Miscarriage Association.

We also have articles on our website about losing a baby.