Give loneliness The Big Push this September!

Find out how our Big Push events are helping parents get out the house, make new friends and feel less isolated.

We’re excited to announce that our Big Push event, sponsored by Puddle Ducks, is back this September in two new locations.

The events will raise money to combat isolation among new parents and awareness about perinatal mental health issues.

Sadly, one in 10 women suffers from postnatal depression (PND) and many dads also experience anxiety, stress or depression around the birth of their child.

We want to make sure that all new parents are supported in the early days.

The Big Push, a 5k buggy push, is a fun family event and a great way to get out the house and meet new friends.

(And you don’t need to bring a buggy; you can join in with a baby in a sling or a little one toddling along!)

Find out more about our Big Push events or register your interest to set up your own one and help us make sure no new parent feels alone.