Has an NCT volunteer made a difference to your life?

Volunteers’ Week, which is from 1-7 June, is approaching and the theme this year is #timetothank. Would you like to thank one of the amazing NCT volunteers? Here’s how!


All of us can remember a time when a kind word or a smile have picked us up and brightened our day. When you’re a new parent, just seeing another person can give you the strength you need to get through to nap time.

Help us to say thanks by telling us when an NCT volunteer has helped you – whether it’s leading a Walk & Talk or lifting your spirits after a tough night with your baby.

NCT volunteers are specialists in making these moments. A warm welcome at a Bumps and Babies, a peer supporter to listen, or a knowledgeable chat at a sling library.

Even during the past 12 months, which have been so tough for many, NCT volunteers have been striving to help connect parents through walk and talks. In the past six months, over 35,000 people have attended a Walk & Talk.

We’ve heard from dozens of parents who have found Walk & Talks to be a life line during difficult times.

Your chance to say thank you

This June, as we celebrate Volunteer’s Week, we want to hear from you if a volunteer has made a difference in your life. Now is your chance to give thanks to those who give their time so generously to support others.

Please, spare five minutes to share your experience with us, to help us celebrate the incredible difference volunteers make to parents.

Further info

Would you like to become an NCT volunteer? Email volunteering@nct.org.uk to find out more.

Have you been on one of our Walk & Talks yet? Or would you be able to lead one? Take a look at your NCT branch Facebook page, or see here for details.

Find out what activities are happening near you here or on your local NCT branch Facebook page.