Have you thought about volunteering with NCT?

With the new school year starting, there’s more reason than ever to volunteer with us! Not sure what it involves? Find out more…

New (school) year, new resolutions

Did you know that one of the peak times for searching out local volunteering opportunities is the month of September?

If you have children at school or nursery, the start of the new academic year is often a good time to consider ‘new resolutions’ and volunteering with NCT ticks a lot of those boxes!

The month of September is one of the peak times for searching out new volunteering opportunities

Whether you are in an area with a well-established volunteering team, or the activities have been quiet for a while, the great news is our NCT Volunteer Support Team can support YOU to become a volunteer too.

Volunteering for NCT in your local area can be as simple as posting on social media to help spread the word about meet ups and events, or something more involved like an indoor Bumps and Babies group.

Reinvigorating communities

During the pandemic, volunteers helped launch many outdoor Walk & Talk groups to safely combat isolation when most activities needed to pause.

A positive outcome of the recent challenging times is that many of these walks have completely revived or reinvigorated local NCT communities.

But what's in it for YOU?

Well…friendship, support, sharing and learning skills for a start! Here’s what a new volunteer from South East Cornwall told the Volunteer Support Team:

“I wanted to support local parents, I had noticed there wasn’t many activities or groups for young children and parents to attend, especially that were free and suitable for parents of more than one child under school age.

“Going to groups and meet ups helps widen that social bubble, to help parents feel less isolated.”

Want to get in touch?

To register you interest as an NCT volunteer, or simply find out a bit more, fill out our quick online form and we’ll be in touch.

If you have any questions about volunteering with us, email volunteering@nct.org.uk.

You can also find out more about leading or going along to a Walk & Talk.