Health Ministers back #HiddenHalf!

We’re delighted to announce that we recently succeeded in getting three Health Ministers to support our #HiddenHalf campaign

Our #HiddenHalf campaign is calling for better postnatal check-ups so that all new mothers with mental health problems get the treatment and support they need.

Chief Executive Nick Wilkie and Health Minister Steve Brine

Our Chief Executive Nick Wilkie met with Steve Brine, the Minister responsible for the GP contract in England, to talk about #HiddenHalf.

Since then, three Health Ministers have backed the campaign in parliament and on social media.

This is a huge win for the campaign and we couldn’t do it without your support – thank you!

We surveyed 1,000 new mums and found that half had experienced a mental health or emotional problem postnatally or during pregnancy. And, of these women, only half received the treatment they needed.

It’s time to get postnatal mental illness out of hiding.

We think all new mothers with a mental health problem should get the treatment or support they need.

The first step is making sure that they get the problem identified and diagnosed by a health professional and the six-week postnatal check is the ideal time for that.

But it requires more funding from the government so women aren’t rushed or overlooked.

Support our campaign

You can show politicians that this issue matters by emailing your MP here. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Watch our #HiddenHalf campaign being discussed in parliament by clicking here.