#HiddenHalf at Westminster

Find out what happened when we went to parliament and pushed for a better six week postnatal check-up to support mums at risk of postnatal depression

This month our #HiddenHalf campaign hit parliament for an event we won’t forget. NCT volunteers, practitioners and staff joined MPs, academics and experts to support our campaign for longer, improved six week postnatal GP check-ups.

These appointments are vital for identifying mums who might be struggling with postnatal emotional problems, yet one third of new mums are only seen for three minutes or less.

Standing in the heart of Westminster, we heard moving stories from families affected by postnatal mental illness and saw an incredible collective call for change. See the amazing photos from the day on our Facebook page.

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Together, we have made amazing progress and now we need your voice more than ever.

Help us press for change so new mums across the UK can get the mental health support they need. Email your MP today with our quick form to ask for better six-week postnatal checks.

Find out more about the #HiddenHalf campaign and what we want to achieve.

Click here to learn about what you can expect at your six week postnatal check-up.