Join us for an NCT Brunch on #ThankYouDay!

Let’s say thank you to everyone who has supported parents during the last year. Help us celebrate #ThankYouDay on Sunday 4 July with an NCT Brunch!

We’re joining alongside some amazing organisations including the NHS, Royal Voluntary Service, National Citizens Service and the Scouts to say thank you to everyone who deserves it on Sunday 4 July.

For us, that means saying thank you to everyone who has helped and supported parents through this tough time.

NCT Brunch

I hadn’t left the house at all. I want to say thank you to everyone at Walk & Talk

The impact of the pandemic on parents has been huge. Pregnancy, birth and early parenthood has been a million miles from what most new parents expect or hope for.

So we want you to help us to say thank you by getting together with friends for an NCT Brunch and share your message of thanks.

See how you can get involved in setting up your own NCT Brunch on Sunday 4th July here, but here’s a quick lowdown below…

Planning your NCT Brunch

What? Give yourself the perfect excuse for a get together with friends. Host an NCT Brunch and invite everyone to bring some tasty food. Share photos and say thank you to the people who have supported parents in your community.

Where? Outside in a park or a local community space. Pick a venue that works for you.

When? #ThankYouDay is Sunday 4 July. Late for breakfast, early for lunch, you’re always on time for brunch!

Why? Share your story. Even if they can’t be with you on the day by sharing photos and messages you can make sure that the people who supported you get a thank you. Let them know the difference they made.

Who? Use the #ThankYouDay invitations to invite friends, neighbours, family or people you work or volunteer with.

More info

You can find out everything you need to know about organising your brunch on this handy guide.

We hope you enjoy your brunch! Afterwards, you can donate any money you’ve raised here.