Memorial service for NCT founder, Prunella Briance

Last month friends, family and colleagues from across NCT gathered for a memorial service for our founder, Prunella Briance, who died earlier this year aged 91

A remarkable individual who wanted to change forever how women experience childbirth, more than six decades later we can see the huge impact that Prunella’s courage and conviction has had on literally millions of parents and families.

Her motivation for doing this had its roots in personal tragedy as her baby girl was stillborn following a traumatic birth in 1955, which makes her determination all the more powerful.

Her mission was to remove the fear and helplessness felt by many women during childbirth.

Radiating warmth and conviction, Prunella once famously remarked, when asked why she set up NCT: ‘I thought somebody should do something. So I did.’

This was a simple, wonderful testament to the bravery, ingenuity and impact of a brilliant woman to whom we, and literally millions, are indebted.