New NCT service to help new parents combat loneliness

Nikki Squelch, NCT’s Head of Voluntereering, tells us why she’s so excited about our new service, Baby & Me. And how with your support we can combat isolation among new parents.

No parent should feel alone

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When I first read the Jo Cox commission into loneliness for children and families results, I was deeply saddened by the reality of many parents’ experiences, at what should be a joyous and life-changing time.

It made me think what can we, at NCT, do to make a difference?

What can we do to learn, share and grow from our years of experiences as the UK largest charity for parents? How can I help to improve the lives of parents, knowing it can also help their children?

Baby & Me

As the Head of Volunteering at NCT, I started a small project team to answer these very questions. We’ve talked to parents. We’ve focused on those who might be struggling the most for lots of different reasons. And we believe we’ve come up with something that can make a difference.

On 23 November, we’re launching a major appeal to help fund our new service, Baby & Me. Led by our local volunteers, the new service will be a relaxed and flexible parent and baby group.

Boosting confidence

Nikki Squelch, Head of Volunteering

Each session will have an NCT teacher on hand to provide expert information and support. There will also be the chance to meet other parents from their area. The service will focus on improving new parents’ confidence and reduce any feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Baby & Me will run in locations where parents are at a higher risk of isolation.

We have a strong history of providing trusted information and caring support. Baby & Me will help us to reach even more families who need support. But we can only do it with your help.