Royal baby Archie arrives

A huge congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or Harry and Meghan as we know them (not personally!) on the birth of baby Archie.

Three cheers to the new parents – quiet ones, in case they’re asleep with Archie – for doing the birth their way. Meghan chose to lay low for the last few weeks of her pregnancy, with her mum Doria flying in from the US to be by her side. With what is sure to be a current fug of sleepless nights, she must be glad she took that time out for herself now. And fair play to them for keeping details of the birth secret. Most women wouldn’t want to be snapped mid-contraction as labour starts.

We all know that friends and family – let alone the global press – can be chomping at the bit to meet your new baby. All while you’re still a) getting over the birth and b) wanting to revel in the blissful newborn period with your new little bundle.

Good for Harry and Meghan for cocooning themselves with little Archie for the first couple of days. And not feeling they had to roll out the red carpet and be paparazzi-ready before they felt like it.

Rationing visitors, relishing in your baby bubble at home and letting everyone wait to find out the name – all things we understand and applaud them for. Carry on doing what you’re doing, guys.

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