Talk Money Week: The perfect time to sort out your family finances!

It’s Talk Money Week (12-18 November), which is all about encouraging people to talk openly and honestly about money

The aim of Talk Money Week is to help us all make better financial decisions, feel less stressed and form good money habits for ourselves and our family.

As we all know, having children can bring big financial changes, especially if one partner is on maternity leave or returns to work doing different hours.

That’s why we’re supporting Talk Money Week because it’s important to prepare, plan and talk about your family finances.

It can sometimes feel difficult to have these conversations with your partner. The Money Advice Service says:

‘The person who is no longer earning money or who is suddenly earning less can end up feeling powerless and submissive if their partner assumes financial control. They may feel guilty or like they must justify every penny they spend.’

‘It’s so important to communicate honestly about your financial expectations. A big change in circumstance is the perfect time to sit down and do a brand new budget together and to set some mutual financial goals – and then revisit this monthly.’

The Money Advice Service has plenty more helpful tips on how to talk openly and honestly with your partner, plus plenty of information on sorting out your finances when your pregnant or after baby has arrived.

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