Our year in review 2019: #NCTvolunteersrock

Think you can’t make much of a difference to our work as a volunteer? Think again. Here’s what our fabulous volunteers achieved in just one year.

Last year was another amazing year for our volunteers. As well as making possible our work to support new parent’s physical and emotional wellbeing, they have helped preserve our planet with Nearly New Sales, and educated parents with life-saving Baby First Aid courses.

Fancy volunteering with us? Find out how here.

Our incredible volunteers have also raised money to help us reach parents nationwide through our website, and supported our initiatives to ensure no parent feels alone.

Here are some of our volunteer achievements in 2019:

  • 537 Baby First Aid courses run – supporting 6192 parents and raising over £82,000 for NCT.
  • 276 Nearly New Sales – reaching over 55,000 people, taking over £475,000 at the till point, and raising over £255,000 for NCT.
  • 5 London Marathon runners – raised an incredible £9,561 for NCT.
  • Over 1800 people contacted their MP to help raise awareness and support for our #HiddenHalf campaign, of which 40 volunteers became #HiddenHalf Campaign Champions.
  • Over 129,000 visits to our website per week, supporting over 79,000 parents.
  • Over 150 women were supported by the Parents in Mind programme.
  • 35 Sling Libraries were financially supported to operate safely, reaching 6,000 parents across the UK.
  • 190 women were supported by the BBCS programme.
  • 7,500 women were supported through our breastfeeding peer support projects.
  • 250,000 toys re-homed at our Nearly New Sales in 2019.

Thank you everyone. We couldn’t have done it without you!