Dress your bump for summer

Summer is here and it can bring with it a flurry of dates for our diaries like weddings, barbecues and holidays. Here we share 10 top tips to dress your bump for the season so you can stay comfy and feel at your very best

1. Maxi dresses are great in warmer weather as they’re comfy and can hide swollen ankles! Plus there’s no need for constrictive clothing like tights or leggings. Wear with ballet pumps or flip flops and dress them up with a jacket or blazer for more formal occasions.

2. Big statement bags like totes or shoppers are brilliant (and much more practical than teeny tiny clutch bags). You can fit in a multitude of essentials like water and snacks, which are extra important if you’re travelling, plus deodorant, make-up and flat shoes if your feet are suffering at a wedding.

3. A good nonwired bra is essential when you’re pregnant – try to get yourself measured to make sure you’re wearing the right size and you feel comfy, especially in the heat.

Remember sun glasses and a big floppy sun hat to look ultra chic

4. Lovely lightweight linen is perfect in warm weather as it’s nice and airy and helps draw away dampness from your skin.

5. Swim suits can be tricky ground when you’re pregnant. You might decide your old bikini works just fine, or you may want to invest in a new maternity tankini. These are often much more practical than a maternity swimming costume for all those trips to the toilet!

6. Check out sales and look for voucher codes – gone are the days of having to wear an oversized frumpy sack during pregnancy as loads of high street shops have maternity ranges that won’t break the bank especially if you shop savvy.

7. NCT Nearly New Sales are a great place to forage for bargains too. Loads of members are getting rid of maternity clothes that have barely been worn so you can pick up a new outfit easily and cost effectively.

Top tip: Lots of mums-to-be swear by a bump band so clothes don’t come up too short and expose the tummy!

8. Shoes, shoes, shoes – it’s time to get something flat and comfy. Don’t go for anything with too many straps as it can be hard to bend down and see them over a blooming belly. Flip flops are good for warmer weather, but check they have a decent grip on the bottom to avoid slips in rain showers.

9. Pre-pregnancy clothes – the good news is you may still be able to get away with old favourites from your wardrobe if they’re stretchy or elasticated. After a quandary over what to wear to a wedding when she was eight months pregnant, one NCT mum we spoke to opted for a pre-pregnancy maxi dress with the zip undone to give more room and an open jacket so nobody got to see more than they bargained for!

10. Wrap dresses, whether maternity ones or not, are great as they stretch with your expanding bump. You can go for a vest inside if they feel too low cut and pair with leggings if they feel too short. Dress them up with statement jewellery or a bright scarf or pashmina (these are great to keep you warm if there’s a breeze or to keep sunburn at bay plus they’re nice and small to carry).

Enjoy summer with your bump

Finally, as difficult as it may sound, try to relax and enjoy yourself and your new shape without worrying too much about how big you feel.

Remember your body is doing something amazing and the changes it’s undergoing are all to help you grow a new little person!

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