Dressing your bump for the festive season

Christmas is just around the corner and some of us will have blossoming bellies that aren’t just a result of too much turkey. Here we give you our 10 top tips for dressing your baby bump for the festive season

1. It’s all about the accessories

If you can’t wear a bit of sparkle at Christmas, then when can you?

And, if you’re in those early stages of pregnancy where you’re worried you just look flabby and exhausted rather than blossoming and radiant, then big necklaces, bold bracelets, or eye-catching earrings are a good option.

Pretty patterned or sequined scarves to drape around your shoulders can also lift an outfit – and your spirits.

A broach can be effective too as it can help divert attention away from your tummy.

And remember, no matter how big your bump, you never outgrow a good handbag! Keep getting your old favourites out as they can give you a boost if you’re feeling frumpy.

Or why not treat yourself to a gorgeous new handbag, safe in the knowledge it’ll always fit?

2. You shall go to the party

If you do have lots of social events over the festive season you might want to invest in a party outfit that feels extra special.

There are lots of lovely maternity brands out there that have gorgeous dresses for fancy functions.

Always look out for discount codes to see if you can get some money off and watch out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Also, if you’re considering spending a good chunk of money on something, think about whether it could be altered by a seamstress or dry cleaner after your baby is here so you can still wear it post-pregnancy.

Or you could think about selling your maternity dresses on eBay afterwards to recoup a little cash.

3. A loooong winter

Long cardis can be great at this time of year as they look dressy, keep you and bump warm and also provide a bit of a cover up if you feel insecure about bulges around your bum or thighs.

Waterfall cardi shapes are really flattering as your lovely bump is still visible and they drape nicely over the hips.

4. Snowman sweaters at the ready

Festive jumpers. Need we say more?

Luckily over the last few years they’ve become very popular. And as they’re comfy and stretchy they could see you through the whole of December (maybe even November too – it’s never too early!)

Team with super comfy maternity jeans and statement shoes and you’re ready for the work Christmas party.

5. Time for some pregnancy pampering

If you’re struggling to feel good about your new pregnancy shape, little treats can really help you have more confidence.

Painting your nails, having a relaxing bath before you go out or putting on your favourite perfume can help.

And spending more time on your make-up or having your hair done might perk you up at a time when you may otherwise feel tired and big.

6. Get your coat

Coats can be a bit of a minefield when you’re pregnant as you may not want to invest too much in something you’ll only need for a few months.

However lots of highstreet shops do offer maternity coats that don’t cost too much.

Alternatively look for non-maternity coats that have belts rather than buttons so they can fit round your expanding bump.

Even if you don’t love what you’re wearing underneath, a stylish coat can give you a real confidence boost.

7. Wrap it up

You don’t just need to wrap your presents this year, you could wrap your bump too. Wrap dresses are so easy to wear and a good investment as they can see you through every stage, from early pregnancy right through to bulging bump.

The simple wrap dress will become your wardrobe staple as you can dress it up or down for any occasion.

Wrap dresses are comfy during your recovery from birth too (especially if you’ve had a caesarean), quick to throw on when you’re dealing with a demanding newborn and easy to breastfeed in too.

You don’t have to look for maternity brands either, as every highstreet shop will have a classic wrap dress you can buy in a larger size.

8. New bump, old clothes

If you’re wondering what on earth you can squeeze your ever-expanding bump into, actually you might find there’s lots in your wardrobe you can repurpose.

It’s worth pulling out anything that’s pretty adaptable – jackets can be left open if they no longer button up and dresses can worn be unzipped at the back with a furry shrug or smart cardi to hide your bra.

Stretchy summer maxi dresses can also be adapted for winter with tights and a blazer. Smart shirts can be worn open with a vest inside.

Bump bands can be a good idea so clothes that are on the smaller side don’t come up too short.

Check out NCT Nearly New Sales as they have lots of great maternity clothes, many of which are in perfect condition.

Also think about whose wardrobe you might be able to borrow from – friends may be happy to lend you their maternity clothes or you could arrange to do swaps with your NCT group.

Look at charity shops for bargains too.

9. It’s what’s on the inside that counts

It’s worth getting yourself a few pregnancy staples to go underneath your festive outfits – a good non-wired bra is a must so try to get yourself measured.

You might also want to stock up on maternity tights or leggings that’ll be snug and stretchy.

When you’re pregnant you can fluctuate between hot and cold so layers are a good idea. Think about getting some cheap stretchy vests for underneath.

10. Fancy footwork

You might be looking at your collection of heels and wishing you could still squeeze your swollen feet into them. As tempted as you might be, it’s best to think about your comfort and temporarily shelve those towering stilettos.

That doesn’t mean you have to have boring footwear though – look at lower heels or flats that have loads of sparkle, animal print, metallic shades or bright colours and, of course, boots.

The latter is one of the best things about autumn and winter.

This season you’ll see lots of ankle boots with a kitten heel and cowboy boots that can still give your outfit an edge, as well as wedge heels and low cone shaped heels.

Lace-up styles look lovely but it can be hard to bend down with a big bump so zip up boots might suit you better.

If you find your calves have expanded but you still want to wear knee-high boots look out for elasticated ones that stretch around the back so they’re not too tight and restrictive.

Or you could try slouchy ones, or sock style boots that you pull up over your legs.

Most importantly, wear whatever makes you feel good. Even if you are self-conscious about how your body is changing and how you might be feeling, there are lots of ways to help you enjoy the festive season. And why not?

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