Baby Loss Awareness Week: remembering little lives

Now in its 18th year, Baby Loss Awareness Week ran from 9-15 October. NCT joined in a conversation about how to deal with the grief of coping with the loss of a baby.

Every year, Baby Loss Awareness Week gives parents who have been through this heartbreak an opportunity to join with others across the world in commemorating their babies.

It is also a chance to break the silence around pregnancy and baby loss, so better care and support can be given to those suffering, as well as taking steps to prevent it happening in the future.

During the week, NCT antenatal practitioner Pauline Eyre joined a conversation hosted by Mamas & Papas about baby loss, alongside Tommy’s and Sands charity.

Engaging with all backgrounds

Part of the week included a day which focused on baby loss suffered by Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, including issues they might face. Among these are an incidence of higher risk pregnancies, access to care and information and assumptions about family support systems.

Another day looked at the experiences of baby loss experienced by the LGBTQ+ community, including trans parents, same sex couples, those using surrogates and non-biological parents.

There was also support available for parents who had gone through the trauma of losing a baby during the pandemic, and may not have been able to have the comfort of friends and family because of lockdown and social distancing.

The last evening was marked by the annual global Wave of Light, where bereaved parents were invited to light a candle while remembering the babies who died too soon.

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