Benefits of our Walk & Talks

Our NCT Walk & Talks, which were such a lifeline during the pandemic, are going strong and are great way to meet other parents and build connections.


Walking and talking is brilliant for your mental health. In a survey during the pandemic, 93% of parents told us the walks helped the feel less isolated, 94% felt it had improved their mood, and 70% felt less anxious.

Taking a walk with a friend is one of life’s most unassuming delights. Since they started, NCT volunteers have helped tens of thousands of people take part in a Walk & Talk close to where they live.

With walks organised from South Devon to Aberdeen, chances are there’s a walk near you. Take a look at your local NCT Facebook page or click here to find out.

If there isn’t a Walk & Talk, why not join one of the 700+ people who have signed up to help parents get out and about and meeting new people.

In the top picture, one of our Walk & Talk groups get some fresh air on Wanstead Flats in East London, part of NCT Newham. The group is led by our Parents in Mind manager Leah and Parents in Mind peer supporter Bulon.

Feeling inspired?

If you’d like to join an NCT Walk & Talk, check your local NCT Facebook page or see here for details. You’ll also find out how you can lead one yourself!

We don’t just love our volunteers because they run Walk & Talks – they help parents in their area in loads of other ways. Find out more about being an NCT Volunteer.