Bumps & Babies groups help parents to feel less alone

In December 2021, we asked parents who have been to Bumps & Babies (our indoor group for parents and babies) for their thoughts on how the groups are run and how it helped them.

Are you a new parent, and would like to know how to meet other parents living near you? Did you know our Bumps and Babies groups have helped lots of parents feel more positive and less isolated?

We ran a survey just before Christmas to ask what had motivated parents to go along to a group, and how it made them feel.

This is the first time we have asked people who go to Bumps & Babies about their experience and they had a lot of positive things to say:

  • Over three quarters of people (77%) said they went to Bumps & Babies because they wanted to meet other parents and 71% wanted their baby to have contact with other babies.
  • Most parents said the group had all the facilities they needed, for example it was easily accessible and had space for buggies.
  • Parents’ experience of Bumps & Babies was overwhelmingly positive: the majority said the group was very welcoming, friendly, relaxed, enjoyable and supportive. ​
  • Going to Bumps & Babies had a positive impact on parents. The key benefits were feeling less isolated (75%) and improved mood (70%).​

Fancy going along?

If you haven’t heard about Bumps & Babies groups before, have a look on our website for your nearest group and pop along if you can! You can also take a look at your local NCT Facebook page.