Call NHS 111 when you need help

Did you know that the new and improved NHS 111 service is your first port of call if you need non-emergency medical help?

Research has shown that public awareness of NHS 111 is high and is increasing, but many people do not fully understand its role and there may still be too many of us going to A&E who could be treated elsewhere.

That’s why the NHS is keen to get the message out that if you need non-emergency medical help, the best thing to do is to call NHS 111. There you will receive clinical advice or, if necessary, be directed to a more appropriate local service for your medical needs. NHS 111 is the first port of call.

You might notice adverts over the next couple of months directing people to NHS 111 and it is hoped it’ll help reduce pressure on A&E and ensure only those who genuinely need to attend are advised to go there.

Help when you need it

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