Duchess admits feeling 'vulnerable' when pregnant

The Duchess of Sussex has talked about the struggles many women face during pregnancy and motherhood. Her honesty highlights the importance of looking out for our mum mates.

Challenges of being a mum

Not all of us are under such intense public scrutiny as the Duchess of Sussex. But in a much-publicised interview with Tom Bradby for ITV, Meghan talked about issues many expectant and new mums experience every day. She admitted that the physical and mental pressure of being under attention from the press was ‘challenging’ at times.

Any woman, especially when you’re pregnant… you’re really vulnerable

‘Any woman, especially when you’re pregnant… you’re really vulnerable – so that was made really challenging,’ she added, looking visibly emotional.

‘And when you have a newborn, and especially as a woman it’s a lot. So you add this on top of just trying to be a new mum or trying to be a newlywed.’

She also thanked the interviewer for being one of the only people to actually ask if she was okay since having a baby.

When he went on to ask whether she is ‘not really okay’, questioning whether life as a new mum in the public eye had been a ‘struggle’, she simply replied ‘Yes.’

Support from MPs

At the same time as the documentary aired, a group of 72 female MPs from across the political parties put aside their differences to write an open letter of support for Meghan.

The letter read: ‘As women of all political persuasions, we wanted to express our solidarity with you in taking a stand against the often distasteful and misleading nature of the stories printed in a number of our national newspapers concerning you, your character and your family.

We wanted to express our solidarity

‘On occasions, stories and headlines have represented an invasion of your privacy and have sought to cast aspersions about your character, without any good reason as far as we can see.’

The Duchess of Sussex was so touched by the letter that she phoned Holly Lynch, the labour MP for Halifax who organised the letter, personally to thank her.

Health Minister Nadine Dorries MP announces the government's support for funded maternal postnatal checks

The letter highlights the importance of looking out for your new mum friends and checking in if they seem to be struggling. Find out how to spot signs they need some emotional support here.

And our #HiddenHalf campaign is demanding a better six-week GP check for new mums, so they can talk through feelings of anxiety or depression and get the help they need quickly.

Our campaign has also been supported by a number of MPs – find out more.

And Meghan, we thank you for being open and honest. And hopefully encouraging other mums to share how they’re really feeling.

Further information

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