Exploring sleep and mental health during pregnancy

The University of Birmingham is conducting research into sleep and mental health during pregnancy. Can you help with this important study? Find out more and how to get involved.

The purpose of the study is to explore sleep patterns during pregnancy in mothers and their partners, and to investigate the associations between sleep and mental health during pregnancy.

Isabel Morales-Munoz, who is conducting the research, said: “In this study we aim to understand the importance of sleep problems during pregnancy and how these may link to mental health problems.”

What will happen during the study?

Find out more details or join the study by emailing: c.a.f.carr@bham.ac.uk and/or i.morales-munoz@bham.ac.uk Please get in touch by the end of September to participate.

The study will comprise several online questionnaires and assessments.

The online questionnaires should take a maximum of one hour to complete, and the mother and partner separately will be asked questions about sleep patterns and mental health during the pregnancy period.

Each of you (the mother and partner) will be also asked to wear a sleep monitor and complete a sleep diary over a period of two weeks. You will be invited to participate in an online focus group where you will be asked to provide further details about your sleep and mental health during pregnancy.