First aid: learn a life-saving skill

Would you know what to do if your baby was in a life-threatening situation? Find out how an NCT Baby First Aid course could help save the day.

Feel prepared

Did you know that NCT is running online Baby First Aid courses across the country, in partnership with British Red Cross? Our first aid courses can help build your confidence as a parent by helping you feel prepared for an emergency situation. The 2.5 hour sessions for small groups of new and expectant parents cover all aspects of first aid, including:

Find your local course and learn essential skills here.

  • Unresponsive baby and child (breathing and not breathing)
  • Choking baby and child
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Raised temperatures
  • Meningitis

Parents who have taken part in the course say it made them feel reassured that they would know what to do if their baby or child was at risk. Search here for the nearest course to you and sign up now.

Could you help?

We are always looking for volunteer hosts to help us offer these courses in even more areas.

If you have just two hours to give, we can offer step-by-step support to help you organise a course in your local area. Contact us at for more information.