Remembering NCT's Founder Prunella Briance

It is with great sadness that we announce that NCT’s inspirational, determined, courageous and influential Founder, Prunella Briance, died in July, aged 91.

Prunella was an inspirational woman who wanted to change the way women experience childbirth forever and she advocated sharing knowledge, fostering friendship and challenging the status quo.

Prunella’s mission to remove the fear and helplessness felt by many women during childbirth was driven by her own experiences. She was inspired by GP and obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read, who advocated educating women about childbirth.

‘A remarkable individual, radiating warmth and conviction,’ said NCT’s CEO Nick Wilkie.

Prunella had a traumatic second birth in 1955 and her baby girl was stillborn. With her motivation for changing childbirth being rooted in such personal tragedy, it makes her determination all the more powerful.

Nick Wilkie, NCT’s CEO, said he was priviledged to spend time with Prunella last year when she joined us as guest of honour to present the NCT Stars Awards.

He said: ‘When asked why she set up NCT, Prunella once famously remarked, “I thought somebody should do something. So I did”. A simple, wonderful testament to the bravery, ingenuity and impact of a brilliant woman to whom we, and literally millions, are indebted.’