It's April Advocacy month and Black Maternal Health Awareness Week

During April Advocacy month, grassroots organisation Five X More put a spotlight on informing Black women about the maternity journey, as well as their rights and advocating for themselves. Find out more.

Two years ago, Five X More launched April Advocacy Month, a month where they share information about pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood, and highlight people and organisations that support women and their partners.

Empowering with information

So far this month, Five X More have re-released a series of brilliant videos on social media where health professionals, from a GP to a midwife, health visitor and others, explain what they do.

They have also posted on various health conditions that might affect fertility and pregnancy, such as endometriosis and fibroids. With organisation Pregnant then Screwed, they have provided information on subjects including maternity pay, maternity leave and your rights when you return to work.

Five X More has also relaunched a helpline for Black and Black Mixed-heritage women, in partnership with Tommy’s. Women can talk 1:1 with a midwife about anything to do with their pregnancy, including pregnancy loss, to help them make informed choices.

From Monday 24 to Sunday 30 April, Five X More will hold a Black Maternal Health Awareness Week, where they’ll be focusing on a different topic each day to empower Black women during their maternity journey.

More info

You can find out more about everything that’s happening this month on their Twitter @Fivexmore_ Instagram @fivexmore_ and their website