#ItsEveryonesBusiness: Race Equality Week 2023

This year saw the UK’s third Race Equality Week. Find out what we’re doing at NCT.

Race Equality Week has been taking place in the UK since 2021, with thousands of organisations across the UK coming together to tackle race inequality in the workplace. Last year, in 2022, over 3,500 organisations got involved.

Once again this year from 6-12 February, the week took place with the theme #ItsEveryonesBusiness – a theme chosen because everyone should be responsible for tackling race inequality.

At NCT, we took part in a daily challenge during the week, to build on the work we’ve done on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion over the last couple of years.

This includes:

  • Diversifying our Board and governance committees
  • Appointing a new Director of People, Education and Inclusion
  • Appointing a full-time, permanent Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lead
  • Undertaking our first all-community diversity survey to inform our future workforce and education goals
  • Working with brap charity, to engage our Board, senior leaders and managers in anti-racism training and development.

More info

You can find out more about the action we’ve taken here.