Learn Baby First Aid TODAY

With the UK having recently held Child Safety Week, we hear from a dad about why first aid skills are essential for parents.

Ugo Eboh and his son Ruben © Bob Collier/BRC

Dad Ugo Eboh was able to act quickly and rely on his all-important first aid skills when his baby son Ruben choked on a twenty-pence piece at their home in Chester.

‘Instinct took over,’ Ugo said. ‘I picked him up and turned him on his front, and hit him sharply on his back. After I’d hit him on his back a couple of times, the twenty-pence piece came out.’

NCT Baby First Aid courses, run in partnership with the British Red Cross, are designed to build your confidence as a parent or carer in dealing with emergency situations, from choking to burns and high temperatures to CPR.

They run for 2.5 hours and babies up to the age of six months are welcome to attend with adults.

You can choose daytime, evening or weekend sessions  – whatever’s convenient for you.

With children you need to be ready to deal with first aid scenarios at the drop of a hat.


How to help a choking baby

  1. 1. Give up to five back blows. Hold the baby face down along your thigh with their head lower than their bottom. Hit them firmly on their back between the shoulder blades up to five times. If back blows do not dislodge the object, move on to step two.
  2. 2. Give up to five chest thrusts. Turn the baby over so they are facing upwards and place two fingers in the middle of their chest just below the nipples. Push sharply downwards up to five times.
  3. 3. Call 999 if the object has not cleared, and continue with cycles of back blows and chest thrusts.

NCT First Aid Courses

Click here to find your nearest NCT First Aid course.