MPs talk about our #HiddenHalf campaign in parliament

Since we launched our #HiddenHalf campaign in July, nearly 6,000 people have signed up as supporters and more than 600 have written to their MP calling for action.

To make a difference we need more of you to email your MP.

We’re pleased to say that MPs have been asking questions about maternal mental health in parliament, the method MPs use to put pressure on the government.

MPs have also been tweeting about our campaign and have been writing to health ministers about the issue.

We’re pleased that 600 of you have emailed your MP using our quick online form.

Better postnatal check-ups

We need better funding for the six-week check so it’s effective at picking up emotional problems

The #HiddenHalf campaign is calling for better postnatal check-ups so that all new mothers experiencing mental health problems can get the help they need.

We recently released new UK-wide research showing that only half of new mothers’ mental health problems get picked up.

The six-week postnatal check is the ideal opportunity for doctors to diagnose mental health problems, but mothers are slipping through the net.

The maternal six-week check is often rushed, with a third of women getting only three minutes. Others describe how the check was just a “tick-box” exercise, with a fifth not being asked about emotional wellbeing at all.

Support and treatment

These changes will help to ensure that new mothers’ mental health problems are identified as early as possible so that they can get the support and treatment they need.

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