Our Baby Bundles scheme supports families

Lots of families have benefited from Baby Bundles in their local area, providing them with clothes, toys and essentials that they might not have been able to afford. Read more about the scheme.

We have Baby Bundles schemes running across the UK and Channel Islands, providing essential items to local families that need them. The service is no-questions asked, so families can access the bundles without having to feel shame. Find out more in this video explainer from Evesham NCT.

Baby bundles prepared by NCT Redbridge, NCT Redbridge volunteers (top)

Hannah Gray, who runs the scheme for Evesham NCT, says: “Our Bundles support families in a wide range of circumstances. These include those who have lost jobs, those unable to work, refugee families living in single rooms, those that have escaped domestic abuse and teenage parents.

“At the same time many families have a surplus of baby clothing and equipment and contact us saying that they are keen to see their items go to ‘someone who needs it’. Our role is simply to ensure that happens.

“We know from feedback that some of the families that we support simply could not afford to buy the items that we are able to source for them. Our Bundles are sometimes the difference between a child having an essential item and not.”

More info

If you’d like to donate to a Baby Bundle, or see if you could help volunteers in your area who put them together, please email volunteering@nct.org.uk.

Are you interested in volunteering with NCT yourself? No matter how much time you have to spare, we have opportunities to support parents where you live. Take a look at our webpage.

Our free to call Infant Feeding Line is open every day of the year from 8am to midnight. Call 0300 330 0700.