The Parent Trap: Keep your money mojo

Find out about a FREE event for NCT members about going back to work and taking control of your finances

Bubele and She’s on the Money have joined forces to create a series of events designed to empower women to take control of their finances, especially after having kids.

They’re on a mission to arm mums-to-be and mums with as much information as possible about what to expect financially when you’re expecting. And prepare mums for any pitfalls and to make the world of finance more accessible, such as flexible work, pensions, investments and insurance.

We all know about the gender pay gap but often women suffer financially even more after having kids because of so many reasons including barriers getting back to work, re-entering at a lower level or difficulty finding flexible work…you know the list.

They’ve gathered four speakers who are experts in the world of law, finance, career development and parenting, to share their tips at an event on 15 November in London.

All over a glass of bubbles with a Q&A session and some networking.

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