Partners in Mind pilot service in St Helens

Our Parents in Mind support programme in St Helens has expanded to empower partners to provide mental health support. Find out more about the Partners in Mind pilot.

Parenting is often a shared endeavour, and our aim at NCT, since Parents in Mind’s conception, was to expand upon our learning whilst supporting mothers, and offer a similar yet uniquely tailored approach to mental health support for partners.

Presently, there is more need than ever to offer accessible, practical, safe and sustainable peer support to all those who are parenting.

We currently have Parents in Mind support groups in three sites across the country, training volunteers to provide peer support to new parents experiencing mental health issues. Now, our group in St Helens is expanding to provide guidance for parents who are supporting a partner with mental health issues.

Partners in Mind

NCT will train fathers and co-parents to contribute to better emotional wellbeing for the family

Evidence confirms that the mental health of both parents during the perinatal period are often interdependent.

Partners in Mind can offer a service to those directly experiencing poor mental health, or those partners supporting a mother who is struggling with her own wellbeing.

NCT will train fathers and co-parents, who themselves have lived experience of mental health difficulties during the antenatal period, or in the first two years after their child’s birth. We’ll ensure they feel sufficiently well recovered, committed and passionate about facilitating vital provision to contribute towards better emotional wellbeing for the whole family.

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Find out more about our Parents in Mind peer support programme and how we’re working with local mums in three sites across the country.

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