Postnatal care inadequate

A recent survey revealed a variety of problems with healthcare for women who have just given birth.

22% of the women surveyed said they were unable to access water when they wanted it and 19% had been unable to access washing facilities when needed.

The survey showed that 61% of women were unable to access food when they needed it and 45% were unable to access pain relief when it was required.

The survey by Mumsnet was of more than 1,200 women who’ve given birth in the UK in the last three years.

Cathy Warwick, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives, said: ‘The RCM believes this area of maternity care is one of the most important to invest in – and much more investment is needed to help us achieve the best outcomes for both mother and baby.’

She added: ‘For women the postnatal period can often be a very difficult time. It can be an extremely exhausting and worrying time, particularly for first-time mothers. This is when the highest level of care and support is needed.’