Report finds babies "not a priority" during the pandemic

The Working for Babies report concluded that babies and those caring for them have not been a priority during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The First 1001 Days Movement, of which NCT is a member, has found that babies and their carers have not been treated as a priority by the government during the pandemic.

It released its report, Working for Babies, earlier this week. One of the devastating conclusions was that families already disadvantaged by inequalities such as lower incomes and poorer housing have been worst affected.

Already disadvantaged families have been worst affected

It’s clear that many parents have been dealing with exceptional pressures and limited access to support, with many households not able to access online services and missing out on health and development checks for babies and parents. The report highlights a range of ‘hidden harms’  and we support the call for lessons to be learned and actions taken to protect those most vulnerable.

NCT has worked intensively over the time studied to continue its services, online where necessary and in-person when safe to do so. But we have heard from parents how much families are suffering.

More info

Read about the report and our full response here.

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