Stay Well This Winter... with the flu jab

If you’re pregnant or have a toddler aged two or three, find out about the free flu vaccination this Autumn.

The Department of Health has launched its Stay Well This Winter campaign encouraging pregnant women and children aged two and above to have the flu vaccination.

We’re encouraging pregnant women and parents of toddlers to speak to their GP and find out more.

The flu vaccination remains the best protection we have against the influenza virus.

During pregnancy the body’s immune system is naturally weakened to ensure the pregnancy is successful. As a result, pregnant women are less able to fight off infections.

The vaccination reduces the chances of getting flu, which in turn means the risk of pregnancy complications are much reduced.

It also helps protect the baby who will continue to have some immunity to influenza during the first few months of life.

We feel it’s particularly important after the MBRRACE-UK report showed the flu vaccine to be a key way of reducing avoidable maternal deaths.

In addition to pregnant women, this year all children aged two and three will be offered the flu vaccine at their GP practice. It’s a quick and painless nasal spray rather than an injection. Four to eight year olds are offered the vaccine at school.

How to stay healthy...

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