Support LGBT+ History Month

February sees the return of LGBT+ History Month, which aims to raise visibility and awareness of issues affecting the LGBT+ community in the UK.

Since 2005, LGBT+ History Month has fallen in February in the UK. This is to coincide with celebrations which take place at this time to mark the 2003 abolition of Section 28, a law prohibiting councils and schools promoting or normalising homosexuality. One of the aims of the month is to educate out prejudice against the LGBT+ community.

Nationwide events

Throughout the month, there will be events taking place to celebrate and promote the welfare of LGBT+ people everywhere.

There is a packed calendar in all corners of the country – everything from the Leicester Comedy Festival to a Queer Valentine Cabaret on Zoom and LGBTQ+ Interest Books for Children and Young People.

See what’s on in your area here.

You can also download a LGBT+ History Month wallchart. It details a timeline of the persecution faced by members of the LGBT+ community, as well as their achievements and victories in promoting the visibility of LGBT+ issues.

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