Thank you to our branches and practitioners!

We want to say a huge thanks to our online branch drop-ins and practitioners, who have supported almost 500 parents nationwide in February 2021 alone.

Providing a lifeline

This year has been hugely challenging for parents everywhere. But throughout the pandemic, our drop-ins run by our incredible practitioners have been a lifeline for new parents.

Breastfeeding drop-ins, funded by NCT branches and led by breastfeeding counsellors, have continued to provide high quality, specialist support online, as have our practitioner led postnatal drops-ins.

476 parents were supported in February 2021

During February 2021, 476 parents were supported (368 at breastfeeding drop-ins and 108 at postnatal drop-ins).

We’d like to say a warm thank you to all branches and practitioners involved in these fantastic services.

Feeding support

As well as the drop ins, our infant feeding line has continued to provide vital support during the pandemic. One parent told us: “We did NCT with our first child, who’s now two, and used the line so much that as soon as this one was born I Googled the number to make sure I had it handy.”

You can give one of our trained breastfeeding counsellors a call on 0300 330 0700 (option 1). The line is open every day from 8am to midnight, including bank holidays, for support however you are feeding your baby.

Contact your nearest NCT Branch to find local support.

Find out more about our infant feeding line, which provides support however you are feeding your baby. To make a call, dial 0300 330 0700 (option 1).