Volunteer spotlight: Breastfeeding Buddy Steph Guerin

Steph has supported countless mothers, providing them with much-needed confidence in the early days of breastfeeding.

NCT’s Breastfeeding Peer Supporter Steph Guerin, who volunteers for our Lothian Breastfeeding Buddies project, has dedicated her time and expertise to mothers and babies for two and a half years. Her passion has helped guide breastfeeding mothers and provided them with the confidence to continue.

Steph’s hard work has been recognised by her team and recently she was shortlisted as Volunteer for Scotland in the Helpforce Champions Awards 2022!

As a breastfeeding parent herself, Steph said: “I am overwhelmed with being shortlisted for this award! It was very unexpected.

“The most positive thing to come from it however is that it is bringing attention to breastfeeding support and the role that Peer Supporters play in supporting families.”

Watch the video to see Zoe talk about what makes Steph such an invaluable volunteer here.

Zoe Brown, Project Manager for Lothian Breastfeeding Buddies, who nominated Steph said: “Steph really epitomises what it is to be a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter.

“She is passionate, empathetic, friendly, kind, non-judgemental and hugely supportive towards every family who accesses our support.”

Further info

Look up our Lothian Breastfeeding Buddies on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @LothianBFB and pop along to a group they’re holding!

There are free breastfeeding drop-ins all over the UK and Channel Islands, as well as other free local groups you can go to with your baby. Take a look at what’s going on near you here.

We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing volunteers. If you’re inspired to volunteer yourself, email volunteering@nct.org.uk or look at our website page on volunteering.

If you have any questions about feeding your baby, you can call our free Infant Feeding Support Line on 0300 330 0700. The line is open every day, from 8am to midnight. We also have lots of information and support with however you are feeding your baby on our website.