Vote in our Trustee elections

All NCT members are invited to vote to decide who is elected from the nine candidates standing for election

What do Trustees do?

Sarah Brown, Trustee

NCT’s Trustees have independent control over, and legal responsibility for, the charity’s management and administration.

They play a vital role and as a member, we urge you to use your vote to elect three new Trustees to join the NCT board.

Current trustee Sarah Brown says: ‘I was delighted to be elected to join the board last year and know exactly how this year’s candidates are feeling.

‘I am hugely grateful to all the NCT members that voted for me and I know that this year’s candidates will all appreciate your support.’

Voting is now open

There are nine candidates standing for election and three positions available. You, our members, decide who is elected.

How to vote

Voting has already opened for the election of three new NCT Trustees. If you’ve not voted yet you can find your voting link in an email from Simply Voting.

If you haven’t received your voting email, or you need any other help with the process, email or call them on 0300 330 0700 and they will be able to help you.

Voting closes on Monday 1 October and results will be announced at our AGM on Saturday 13 October. Click here for more information on the AGM.