Walk and Talk success

Our Walk and Talks are going from strength to strength, supporting parents across the Four Nations. Find out more, and how you can join a walk or volunteer.

Essential support

NCT Walk and Talk groups started in August 2020, in response to the continued impact of social distancing measures on the wellbeing of new parents.

The NCT walk helps me feel less alone and improves my mood greatly

The groups are run by our fantastic volunteers and are supported by COVID secure operating guidelines. They have been recognised as essential support for parents and can continue to operate during lockdown in all UK nations.

There has been an overwhelmingly positive reaction from families wanting to attend the walks. We have supported 1,500 parents in the last week alone – with interest in the walks still growing.

Positive results

We have supported over 5,000 parents so far, and have had hundreds of new volunteer registrations since the start of the second lockdown.

As a result of joining an NCT Walk and Talk group, our early impact survey discovered that:

  • 93% of parents felt less isolated
  • 70% of parents felt less anxious
  • 94% felt their mood had improved
  • 89% felt part of their community

Nearly 40% of respondents had not attended any other parent and baby group in the last three months.

More information

To find out if there is a walk happening near you, check your local NCT Facebook page or click here.

If there’s not a walk near you, why not arrange one yourself? Read how to sign up as a volunteer.