Walk & Talk appeal

We urgently need funding for our Covid-19 response to support parents. Can you help us continue this important lifeline?

Reducing isolation

Across the UK, NCT Walk & Talks are helping parents cope with the impact of social distancing measures on their mental wellbeing. In November alone our volunteers hosted nearly 600 walks and supported over 6,000 people.

These walks are providing a lifeline, bringing new parents together safely for support and providing a way to get outdoors and connect with their local community.

Of parents who attended, 93% felt less isolated and 94% felt their mood had improved. Almost half of parents had not accessed any other parent and baby group in recent months.

We need your help

New parents desperately need your support. Parents of babies born this winter have experienced pregnancy in a pandemic, unable to access practical or emotional support in the usual way. This has left parents feeling alone and isolated, with 63% experiencing loneliness.

Like many charities, our fundraising has been hugely impacted by the pandemic at a time when demand for our services has never been higher.

“Without NCT Walk & Talk, I’d feel lost and isolated. It’s a chance to discuss things with other parents. I’m a first time mum with no other mums in my friendship groups or family. The walks have made a massive difference to me.” Clare

Donate here

Your donation could help support parents and make a real difference. Please donate here.

Find a Walk & Talk close to you by checking your local NCT Facebook page. Not one where you are? Find out how you can set one up yourself.

For tips on how to combat loneliness during the pandemic, see our article here.