Would you like to know more about the quality of your child's sleep?

Are you interested in what helps babies sleep? Do you have a child between 10 and 30 months old?

At the Birkbeck Babylab, researchers are looking for caregivers and their child who live in/around London to take part in their exciting Bedtime Boost Study.

If selected to take part in the trial, you may be asked to:

  • Try out some activities recommended by sleep experts with your child in the hour before bed
  • Complete questionnaires and log your child’s activity/sleep
  • Make two visits to the Birkbeck Babylab where your child will complete some fun activities!

Sign up for a chance to win a £100 voucher. Those who complete the study will be given an £80 voucher, some thank you gifts and a scientific report of their child’s sleep!

Find out more and sign up here: https://redcap.link/BB-Trial