My NCT friends

NCT members tell us about the friends they’ve made, the highs and lows they’ve experienced together and the support they’ve given each other

  1. NCT Forty Years on

    When a group of young pregnant women met for the first time at an NCT antenatal class in Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire, they hardly imagined that they would still be friends forty years later.

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  2. My NCT friends: a bond that’s lasted a decade

    Michelle Goodisson tells us about 10 amazing years of friendship with her NCT group and their 19 babies…

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  3. My NCT friends: mums celebrate 30 years of fantastic friendship

    Friendships formed through NCT can last a lifetime – and if you need proof just take a look at this group originally from Milton Keynes

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  4. My NCT friends: Uncharted territory!

    Graham Baring tells us about the strong bond he’s forged with the dads in his NCT group and why, together, they decided to undertake an amazing and arduous 26-mile charity sailing challenge off the coast of Plymouth

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  5. My NCT friends: Angela Lomas

    Angela Lomas and her NCT group share their story and how they’ve provided each other with much-needed support over their first year as parents.

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  6. My NCT friends: Alison Footitt

    Alison Footitt tells us about her 20 year reunion with her NCT friends and how distance hasn’t been a barrier for their friendship.

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  7. What’s happening at your local branch?

    We visited St Neots NCT branch to find out why local parents love their weekly 'Bumps & babes' group.

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  8. My NCT friends: Neel Bhanderi

    Neel Bhanderi shares the story of his NCT group and says it’s not just the mums who forge fantastic friendships!

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  9. My NCT friends: Kelly Goldsworthy

    Kelly Goldsworthy shares how her NCT group have supported each other through the highs and lows of parenthood.

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